Need a little more chaos in your life? Inspired by Untitled Goose Game, you can now set a goose loose on your site to act like a jerk.

When activated, all links on the site will stop working, instead triggering a “honk!” sound effect.

Honk. Honk honk honk.

Praise for Honkify.js

Nobody asked for this. – Jessica Tremblay

This is the worst thing you have ever done. – E.J. Mason

Installation and Quick Start

yarn add honkify

In your code:

import honkify from 'honkify';
// The goose is loose!
const unregister = honkify();
// Disable so links work again

How to use this on a React site

import React, { useState } from 'react';
import honkify from 'honkify';
const Honker = () => {
const initialState = { active: false, unregister: () => {} };
const [honk, setHonk] = useState(initialState);
const toggleHonk = () => {
if (!honk.active) {
const unregister = honkify();
setHonk({ active: true, unregister });
if (honk.active) {
return (
<button onClick={toggleHonk}>{honk.active ? 'unhonk' : 'honk!'}</button>
export default Honker;

Disclaimer: please don’t use this

Or, if you do, make sure it’s easy to toggle off. Geese may be jerks, but developers shouldn’t be.